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Getting cash in the door is one of the biggest problems students face while at university. Since student-finance.com.au is all about helping students get through a period of study comfortably, its probably essential we make a post about Local Jobs.

Some jobs involve having to travel a long way to work, this is possible but as students local jobs are probably a better idea given time is so scarce during the semester.

A few different types of Local Jobs:

–          Get a local job at a Pub
Its no secret that many Australian’s like a drink, pubs are everywhere. Getting a local  job at a pub can be a great way to get some money. Many people don’t realise but the best way to get a job at a pub is to actually walk in and ask for one. There is no shortage of experienced labour in pubs so if your new to the industry it’s a must to walk in and ask. Naturally you need a recognised RSA and RCG.

–          Local Retail Shops
Corner shops are scattered everywhere in Australian suburbia. Most of these shops have need for casual/part time employees. Getting a local job washing dishes, delivering pizza’s or serving tables if probably more common than you think. Many business’s do advertise online but its better to walk in and talk to the Owner/Manager.

–          Writing articles
This is a local job that is so local you don’t have to leave the chair your sitting on now. If you have excellent English skills and can write a captivating and compelling article then perhaps a local job at your computer is for you. There is websites such as Guru.com where you can apply for jobs and get paid good money to write articles.

–          Other ways to get a bit of spare cash
Perhaps you just need a couple extra dollars for the weekend rather than committing to a casual/ part time local job. Maybe delivering papers or doing letter box drops is a good way to supplement your income.

So where can I find a Local Job?

–          Online Job Websites
Websites such as mycareer.com or seek.com are a good way to get employment but for a local job employers may be more likely to advertise on gumtree.com.au

–          Take a walk
Probably the best way to get a local job is to talk a walk at the local shops and look fo signs advertising employment. You may be surprised how many stores are advertising for employment that you had not noticed before. If you find a store walk in and ask someone about the sign. These things are best done in person and its more likely to get you a local job.

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