Introduction to Injury Compensation in Schools and Universities

Injuries can happen to children and young individuals in all kinds of schools and universities.
These accidents can be anything from slipping and falling down within the institution’s premises
and injuries caused by bad equipment (for example, a student gets burned in chemistry class), to
sport injuries and injuries during a field trip. If a student is hurt during any kind of fight within the
premises, his or her injuries can also be compensated for. Also, if a student becomes depressed,
or suffers any other psychological problem, this can be compensated for as well. To put it simply,
while a person is attending any sort of learning institution, he or she is insured against any form
of injury or disease that he or she can suffer from while within the premises, or while preforming
various task for the school or university outside the premises.

These schools/universities are obligated by law to provide a safe environment for all the people
that are circulating within the premises. Certain staff has to be employed to maintain the order
in the school. Of course all students and staff are advised to take care, but is favorable if proper
supervision and instruction is provided constantly. It is important to note that the teacher or
professor is not to be blamed if an accident occurs (although in some drastic cases when these
individuals act improperly, they should be). It is The Department of Education that legally
guarantees the safety of pupils and students and it is in charge of the compensation. This is because
teachers and professors are employed by the Department of Education, and this department itself
vouches for the potential negligence of their employees.

As far as the compensation is concerned, it can be claimed by an adult student or pupil and, if
the injured is a minor, his or her parent or guardian takes the money. One must remember that
compensations can be claimed only within a certain period of time. This period differs depending
on the law system present in the city, region or country where the school or university is situated.
In order to claim a compensation one has to provide proof that the injury was caused by the act of
negligence on the school’s or university’s behalf. These sorts of cases are usually concluded out of
the court of law. The amount of money claimed by the compensation depends on the seriousness
of the injury, and the consequences of it as well as all the costs and expenses that have led to the
student’s or pupil’s recovery. These claims can, therefore, be collected to compensate for:

● Any loss of income that may happen to the student or pupil, and if he or she does not
provide for his or her self, to their guardians

● The loss of earning capacity, if the injury leaves the person with damaged working

● Possible medical expenses (surgical, hospital, dental, ambulance, psychotherapy, other form of therapy, counseling, medication, equipment aids, housing modification, additionalcare and nursing)

● Pain and Suffering, if the injury is very severe.

Some students study abroad and they are very much on their own in the “new world”. The
expenses needed in order to heal and recover fully from an injury can be summed up to a large
amount of money. From their point of view, that kind of money is usually unimaginable. It is very
important that they are helped with these compensations so that they can recover in the shortest
possible amount of time, in order to be able to continue their studies regularly. They are often
considered “the future of our world”, and in order to live up to the expectations, students and pupils
should be helped, particularly with dealing with injuries, at all times.

Both parents/guardians and adult pupils/students are advised to seek legal counseling. They should
ask around for their compensation options when visiting the nearest solicitor. Also, managements of
various schools and universities should also consult an attorney in order to find out what can they

do in order to make the school or university premises a safer place for students and pupils. A safe
environment has proven not only to have benefits when safety is concerned, but it is also good for
the overall learning efficiency of the students.

Written by Maya Johnson in behalf of Smith’s Lawyers, a law firm from Brisbane that
specializes in workplace injuries.

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