How To Save Money: Tips For Students

How To Save Money: Tips For Students

Being a student is not easy. You need to keep everything under control: study, work,your social life. In this atmosphere so hard to be careful and thrifty. But do not forget about the future. The ability to save money usually is not inherent to students, but it is very necessary for survival. So how to save up money for the desired things in the student environment? There is some tips.

1. First of all you should solve all problems with your debts and arrears. How you can save
money for some thing if you have to pay for your previous arrears?

2. Calculate the exact amount you need to save and write it down in your notebook or on a
sheet. Always take it with you to constantly remind yourself about your goal.

3. Set the specified time frames. For example, “I will save up 1000 dollars / euros / pounds
until the fall on a new phone / motorcycle / moped.” Calculate how much you need to save
per month. Do not forget – the goal must be realistic and achievable.

4. Keep a list of your expenses. Write down and count how much and to what you spend your
money. Then you can eliminate unnecessary expenses. For example, if you spent a lot of
money on new books, maybe, you should buy used textbooks and save some money?

5. Do not use credit card to pay for purchases. Because of this you can’t control your spending.
It is better to pay cash because you can always see how much is left. Use credit card only in

6. Do not carry all your money. Especially for the weekend when you go hang out with your
friends. You can spend every penny and do not even notice it.

7. Decrease your costs in all whenever it possible. Use the fact that you are student and have a
lot of privileges: discount in cinema, shops, transport. Find websites that propose some staff
away for free.

8. Learn how to cook, this ability will be useful during all your life. Save money on hiking to
cafes and bars – prepare dinner and invite your friends to visit.

9. A certain amount of delay to each salary / stipend. For example, 10% or 15%. After a while
you’ll find a tidy sum in your piggy bank.

10. Open a savings account at the bank. This will help you separate your money for daily
expenses and money your big goal.
And most importantly – do not give up. You can do it.

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  • Another great way to save on your necessary expenses is to get a flatmate or share a house with several other housepals, …how about that!

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