How to Get the Best Deal on Student Laptops

When it comes time for a University student to think about laptops, they need to consider a variety of aspects that are needed for school. Although a gaming unit would have more than enough power to accomplish any task you have, is it necessary to spend that much money on a tool that should be used primarily for education? There are many ways you can obtain the perfect laptop for your scholastic needs without investing a lot of money. By looking around at some of the more viable ways to buy a great laptop at a discount, you can save yourself or your parents hundreds of dollars quite literally.

Online Auctions to Save Money

There are several websites that specialize in helping those find deals on excellent hardware for
less money. Buying a used computer doesn’t mean that you’re getting junk. For the most part,
people will sell used goods because they upgraded, not because it’s broke. Auction sites also sell
a wide variety of new hardware to bid on, which could save you money as well.

Save Money with Liquidation Sales that Feature Laptops

Sometimes when a company goes out of business, they liquidate all of their inventory. These
liquidations are scattered throughout the Internet and some may be featured in swap meet
locations. The purpose of liquidation is to get as much the company can get as soon as possible.
This means you can get great deals on brand new hardware for far less than you’d imagine.

Laptop Coupons from Retail Stores

By doing a search in your favorite engine for “laptop coupons,” you have find a variety of sites
that offer coupons for a wide range of retail stores. Although some of these sites might require
you to register, the savings could be worth the trouble. However, watch what sites you are
visiting. While many have honorable intentions, others may wind up scamming you. If you are in
doubt, search the company name followed by “scam” and see if anyone has been taken advantage

Used Computer Outlet Stores or Websites

There are many used computer stores in various cities that offer great prices on goods that have
been refurbished. If you don’t live in a city where one of these stores exist, then there are plenty
to choose from on the Internet. Professionals will clean up and repair used units to like-new
working order and sell them for a fraction of what they cost retail.

Rent-to-Own Facilities for Low Weekly Payments


Rent-to-own locations offer amazing laptops for a low monthly fee. Many of these businesses

don’t require a credit check and could help you find the perfect computer for less than $30 per
month. The trade-off is, you wind up paying nearly three times or more of what you would if you
saved the money to buy one.

Don’t limit your choice of laptop to simply what a sales person thinks you need. Take a moment
look at some other methods to get the perfect device for your needs while saving money on them.
For those who have a specific budget, you could get a discounted laptop and several accessories

to go with it for the same price as purchasing a brand new computer off of the shelves at the
retail store. Get more for your dollar by shopping around.

Author Bio:

Brian Jensen works with Dell. When Brian isn’t working he enjoys learning about all things
technology. To see some of Brian’s favorite laptops and notebooks visit Dell.

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  • ajiri

    nice article. I will appreciate if you can recommend some sites where I can get cheaper deals. Thanks

  • Hi Ajiri, has some cheap refurbished laptops. Have not bought anything from them so not sure how good they are.

    Let me know how you go.