How to get cheap tickets to Sporting events

Ok, its fair to say most students studying abroad in the UK don’t have a spare couple thousand dollars to afford premier seating or box office tickets when they go to sporting events. However for those Students who are privileged enough to afford such luxuries (or most likely have exceptionally wealth and very generous parent’s), then perhaps you can consider getting seating with Man United Executive Club hospitality and catering.

The reality is that most students will no not be able to afford getting tickets to watch a Man United game unless. Even if you happen to be studying abroad in the UK, tickets to games can be very expensive. However there is a couple ways you might be able to save money  on tickets:

Buy Tickets on Ebay
It happens all the time, people buy tickets and then discover they have other commitments and will be unable to go. Rather than throwing the tickets away many people choose to sell theirs on Ebay. Much of the tickets listed on Ebay will be selling at a price higher than what you might pay at Ticketek as some people do buy tickets to try and sell at a profit. If your patient you might be able to find that bargain ticket which someone just wants to get rid of.

One trick I have used in the past for Ebay auctions is to wait until the last couple minutes or 30 seconds on the auction. Quickly out bid the other bidders and then put your maximum price in. Sure some people might see it as cheating as the other bidder wont have time to out bid you, however they did have a chance to put their maximum bid in so it is fair.

Most people are aware of Ebay, however not everyone is aware of Gumtree. Its similar to Ebay in that if you have something you need to sell then you can list the item but rather than an auction people can make offer’s by calling or emailing. This can be very beneficial for the student trying to score cheap sport’s tickets as typically auctions will be bidd up by competing bidders and you may end up paying more than you would like. If you search Gumtree you might be able to find someone advertising their tickets they may be willing  interested to sell them cheap.

Bidding Websites
These are sites where people bid against each other, each bid costs money and usually the highest unique bidder wins. They haven’t really caught on in Australia the same way they have in the UK and I have not been able to locate a website that lets you bid on sporting tickets in Australia, that being said if you know one please share! If your studying abroad in the UK this could be a good way to get those tickets to the Old Trafford to see Man United play.

General Admission’s Hill
If you have ever been to a NRL game at a local oval such as watching the St George Illawara Dragons at Kogarah, you will know about the General Admissions Hill’s. If not, its a good idea to go and check it out. Typically the “Hill” at NRL games don’t have any seating rather you sit on the grass or stand, because of this you get to save money. I actually think the “Hill” has a better atmosphere than sitting in the stand’s and you will be getting far better value than if you paid extra for a seat, well that’s just my opinion!



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