How to Apply for Austudy

How to Apply for Austudy

The Australian government funds the Austudy program to help support Australian students financially during the course of their education. In the 2010-2011 financial year alone, the government expenditure on Austudy amounted to more than $418 million. This money went to more than 39,000 students and apprentices.

When to Apply for Austudy
To be one of the recipients of Austudy support, you should check your eligibility and work on your application as soon as possible because the review process could take a while. Check the date your apprenticeship or class starts; you can submit your application as early as 13 weeks before that.

There are three ways to apply for Austudy: online, by mail and in person.

Online Austudy Application

The most common and easiest way to apply for Austudy is online through the Department of Human Services website.

First, you have to create a Centrelink account online by filling out the electronic form online and obtain a Customer Access Number (CAN). Keep this a unique identification number in a safe place; you will need it to access all Centrelink services in the future. Once you have a CAN, use it to log on to Centrelink Online Services. You will be asked to fill out an online form. You may spend some time collecting the information required and attaching the supporting documents. When you’re finished, check your application and submit it online.

Paper Austudy Application
To apply for Austudy with paper forms, you need to first download the forms from the Department of Human Services website. You will have to fill out the Austudy application form and, depending on your situation, you may need other forms as well. For example, you may be required to fill out the real estate form if you own a property.

After checking that you have answered all the questions, sign and date the forms. You can submit the documents in person or by mail to one of Centrelink’s service centres.

Austudy Application Result
After reviewing your application, Centrelink will send you a letter. If your application is approved, the letter will include an approval notification and details of the timing and amount of your Austudy payment. If Centrelink rejects your application, you can appeal their decision.

Changes after Austudy Approval
You should notify Centrelink if there’s a change in your circumstances as it could affect your Austudy payment. For example, if you get married or get a job, your Austudy payment amount might change.

It might be tricky to determine which changes to report to Centrelink. As a rule of thumb, you should tell Centrelink if there’s a change to any information you provided on your application. For example, you gave the details of your educational course in your Austudy application, so you should notify Centrelink if you end that course and take up another one.

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