Government Allowances & Scholarships – Understanding Two Major Types of Financial Assistance in Australia

Government Allowances & Scholarships – Understanding Two Major Types of Financial Assistance in Australia

It goes without saying that being a student is costly if not backed by certain financial assistance programs. In the absence of scholarships and allowances from the government, studying expenditures can grow by leaps and bounds. The Australian government understands the need for assisting students financially so that they can cover their educational expenditure without worrying about basic necessities.

There are numerous costs incurred by students, including tuition or course fee, costs of computers and textbooks, and at times the cost of relocation as well. In order to meet all these costs efficiently, students in Australia can avail tuition fee loans, living allowances and scholarships offered by the government in order to stay away from financial problems.

Government Allowances

Three major types of student allowances are provided by the Australian government; namely, Youth Allowance, Austudy, and Abstudy. The Australian apprentices and those studying full-time are eligible for youth allowance to meet their financial costs, provided they are in the age bracket of 16 to 24 years.

Those studying full-time and enrolled in either of the secondary graduate courses, graduate courses, post graduate courses, and diplomas in a reputable educational institute are eligible for Austudy allowance. These students must be 25 years of age or over to qualify for this allowance.

Third type of government allowance is Abstudy allowance, which is meant for indigenous students and Australian citizens. Those enrolled in full-time, part-time, distance learning, Masters Degree, or Doctorate Degree can apply for this allowance.


Just like allowances, scholarships are also the means of assisting students financially. There are basically four broad classes of scholarships; namely, Federal Government Scholarships, Education Provider and/or Private Organizations’ Scholarships, Student Start-up Scholarships, and Relocation Scholarships.

Scholarships by the federal government are specifically for indigenous students, those from low socio-economic background, and those belonging to remote areas. This is considerably the biggest source of scholarship meant to make education accessible to all. On the other hand there are scholarships provided by educational institutes and private organizations. These are provided either on merit or on the basis of disability, financial disadvantage, and social-economic factors.

Start-up scholarships and relocation scholarships are provided to all students who also get income support through government allowances; such as youth allowance, Austudy allowance, and Abstudy allowance. However, relocation scholarships are specific only to those students who move away from home for the purpose of higher education.

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