Getting Great Flight Deals – So Easy Anyone Can Do It

Everyone wants to get out into the world and spend more time traveling, but the problem is always the same: cost. Just how can you afford to spend your days gallivanting around the big wide world when it costs so much money just to get out into the world?
Well world travelers, pay attention. You’re in luck because we’re going to uncover just how you get great deals on flights, no matter who you are, or where you’re going.

Prepare, Or Trust In Fate

One of the easiest, but not guaranteed, ways of saving money on your flight is to book very early or very late. We’d recommend booking early with popular airlines and common routes, especially if your travel coincides with any holidays or school breaks. Domestic prices increase two weeks before booking, while international prices increase as early as three months before.
Booking late can be effective on less popular airlines and less travelled routes, as the airline wants to get rid of the seats, no matter the price. Keep an eye on airlines flying the route, who will likely send out ‘last minute deal’ emails with sale specifics. But be careful, you might need nerves of steel and a whole lot of confidence to get it right.

Be Prepared For A Layover

If it’s a budget flight you’re looking for, luxury is probably not a big concern. If this is true, great! Because the problem with booking any kind of super budget flight, is that an extended layover in a random (often third world) country often comes free. For some people, this isn’t a problem, but if you’re travelling alone or you’re just not comfortable spending 30 hours sitting in the transit section of New Delhi airport, it’s something to consider.

Ultimately, it is possible to choose shorter layovers, or even direct flights if they’re available, but you’re unlikely to get the same dirt-cheap prices you might have seen with the layover included. Our best advice is to be flexible and weigh up your situation both with personal comfort and cost.

Compare, Compare, Compare

There are so many airlines that offer similar flight routes now that it pays to have a finger in every pie. Unfortunately this can be really difficult, so it’s lucky that in recent years flight comparison websites have really taken off (excuse the pun). Two of the most popular of these are and, and although Kayak does have an interesting Explore feature, Skyscanner is our tool of preference.
The site gives you the ability to input your route and see all the airlines that are flying that route. Advanced search functions also make it easier for travelers to ‘hack’ their flight by booking a number of separate one-way hops between countries on their route. Skyscanner also offers a monthly, and even yearly price comparison, allowing you to make more informed decisions on the timing of your flight, with just a few clicks.
All of these features mean that you’re able to really pull apart the entire route, and find the best deal for the locations you want to get to.

There are so many options online to help you save money on flights, that we are loath to see travelers jump onto an airline’s site and book straight away. With just a small amount of smart searching, and perhaps a little flexibility, anyone can see the price of their travel fall dramatically, allowing more money for adventures both at home and abroad.