How to get a Job – Guide for Students

As a student it is best to have a job especially since you have several months holidays twice a year and you really do need to show potential employers when you finish that you were proactive in this period so they don’t think your not that motivated and intelligent person that they are looking for in their business. Internships and part time work in the field you are wanting to gain employment after University will definitely be the best choice, no only will you be gaining valuable experience but your chances of getting that dream job after graduation are much greater.

Get your resume out

Once you have decided what sort of Job you would like then you need to schedule in as many interviews as you possibly can. To get the interviews search for positions available in places like SEEK, MyCareer, Gumtree or Your local newspaper.  Have a well typed up resume and send it to those companies advertising positions available. Its also best to send a cover letter and remember to write one up specifically for each employer or if your cutting corners then at least try to make it look original.

Apply Direct to get that killer job

One good trick is to put together a shortlist of the ten best employers that you want to work for, spend some time on their website and speaking to people you know. Find out what sort of people they employ and what their culture is and tailor your application to suit what they are looking for. Some employers advertise directly on their website and you can apply on there, if positions are not advertised they may still be interested in talking to you, give them a call and ask.

The word of mouth Jobs market

Its a well-known fact that the best jobs gained through word of mouth. People take referrals from other people more seriously then one out of a handful of applications through websites like SEEK. Asking friends and family or former employers would be the best place to start here, work your way around your social networks and scour out any opportunities.I found a really good article on marketing yourself for getting a job through word of mouth.



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