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For many students around the world, an opportunity to study in Australia is the chance of a lifetime. Even if you’ve been accepted at a university or other educational institution, it’s important to make sure you have a valid student visa before you board your flight to Australia. The following visas are for people undergoing different levels of study.

Learning English

If your main motivation to come to Australia is to hone your English skills, then you should apply under the for Student Visa Subclass 570 – this visa is for people who are planning to undergo a course that is defined as ‘English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students’. Eligibility includes:

  • courses that lead to no higher than a certificate I, II, II or IV

  • courses that are not recognised as a formal Australian award

Going for a Degree

If you are ready to start a full fledged bachelor degree, then your best bet is the Higher Education Sector (subclass 573) visa. To apply for this visa, you must be studying one of the following:

  • bachelors

  • associates

  • graduate certificate or diploma

  • masters (by coursework)

  • diploma or advanced diploma

Further Research

If you’ve already obtained a degree in your home country , and you would like to move to Australia to contribute to the academic institution, then a Postgraduate Research Sector (subclass 574) visa is what you should apply for. This visa is suitable for peoplek coming to Australia who are going to do:

  • masters (by research)

  • doctorate (typically a PHD)

Coming to Australia to Study for Another Reason

if you have been lucky enough to secure AusAID, which is funds set aside to strengthen Australia’s foreign relations, or you have been engaged by the Australian Defence Force to work and study in Australia, then you will fall under the AusAID or Defence Sponsor (subclass 576). The only reason you would apply for this subclass is if you are sponsored by AusAID or the Australian Defence Force.

If you are a high school student going to Australia on exchange, then you should apply for Schools Sector (subclass 571). For those planning to do a VET course, then you fall under the Vocational Education and Training Sector (subclass 572) visa, which is typically reserved for TAFE students going for certificates or diplomas that are already possess good English skills.

What Does it Cost?

All of these visas cost $535, with the exception of the AusAID & Australian Defence Sponsor (subclass 576), which is free. If your parent or guardian would like to accompany you, an extra $405 can be added to the application to bring them with you. If you have a dependent under the age of 18, such as a child, that you want to bring to Australia, then the fee to add them to your application is $135.

This post was crafted by Archie, who writes for Hunt Migration. If you require migration assistance or advice when planning your move to Australia, get in touch with the immigration agents at Hunt Migration.

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