How to get Free money

I know what your thinking, you clicked on a link describing free money. It would have to be a scam wouldn’t it? There is after all no such thing as free money in this world, you have to fight hard for every dollar you earn. Money is not a commodity people give away lightly surely anyone who offers free money is obviously a fool or a conman in disguise?

Well, firstly congratulate yourself if you did actually think what I wrote above. Your a rational human who is skeptical of things that sound too good to be true. That being said, I am going to share with you a controversial and lucrative way to make a decent sum of cash, however before you dismiss this article entirely without giving it a fair go read the entire article… because this DOES work, so far as of 28/07/2014 I have made around $1,500 from this.

In a Nutshell

Some Online Gambling websites will offer to match your first bet/deposit dollar for dollar for up-to a limit ($100/$200/$500/$700). You can place what I call “100% win probability bets” to eliminate your gambling risk and turn this “free bet” into “free money”. Ok, stop right there, before you dismiss this concept read the following 2 points.

Why do they do they give free bets?
Its a marketing ploy to reel you in and get you betting. Gambling is addictive, once you win you will want to keep betting. This is why you absolutely MUST use “100% win probability bets” to avoid getting addicted.

Gambling without actually Gambling – 100% win probability betting

Ok, I looked it up in the dictionary the definition of Gambling reads something like this “to play a game of chance with money or property with an uncertain outcome”. So what if I told you you could have a CERTAIN outcome? Well its quite simple, just bet on all the different alternatives, so for example in a game of NRL Dragons vs Roosters – you bet on both the Roosters and the Dragons to win and making sure you bet on the draw just in case.

Usually if you are betting on both teams to win and the draw you will loose a little money no matter the outcome, or how much you bet on each alternative. However this is where the free bet comes into play, with the free bet in the equation suddenly although you may loose a bit of money on each bet, you will actually be still making a profit, quite a considerable one.

How to pull out your money

Yes, there is always a catch, although its not that bad. You only get to keep the winnings of the free bet and most sites have some requirements you need to meet before you can pull your free money out, such as:

  • Bet Through’s – you need to bet the full value of your winnings money a number of times prior to being able to withdraw. So for example you win $500 from your free bet and that site requires you to bet through twice – then you would need to bet that $500 and then the winnings again. If your using 100% Win probability betting and calculating the winnings on each alternative to get maximum value out of the betting, that shouldn’t be a problem. Usually bet throughs need to be at odds of $1.50 or higher, depending on the site.
  • ID Requirements – Naturally these sites need to fulfil their obligations to the “Anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing” legislation and get you to verify your identity to make sure your not funnelling in money to Australian crime syndicates or terrorist gangs. On most sites this is fairly easy and they do it online fairly easily, however there is a few that require you do ID checks at Australia post.

So what’s the catch?

Like I said before, these companies are not giving away money for nothing they do this because they know gambling is addictive. Experience has shown them that offering free bets is a good way to draw people in and get them gambling, maybe they win a a few times, however sooner or later they will loose and when they do they might chase there losses. Its a dangerous game chasing losses in gambling, people have literally lost everything.

Our brains are full of all sorts of weird and wonderful chemicals which cause us to act in certain ways. When something really good happens (like winning a bet) our brains release this chemical called dopamine, which makes us really good. Consequently after this event our brains will remember this as a good thing, this will then cause us to subconsciously seek it out again. This is how addiction happens, we can become fixated on chasing that feel good high – it can cause us to make irrational decisions and bet more than we can afford.

How to not get hooked

We know that Gambling is addictive, the effect of winning can cause us to think irrationally if we get caught in the Dopamine high. So how do we stop this from happening? We already know the answer, bet on both teams and the draw! Using 100% probability betting will reduce your risk of loosing from 20% or 70% or what ever it is to 0%! It takes the chance out of gambling and gives you certainty. Just dont keep betting after your done.


I hope you like this article and it makes you a lot of money like it made me. If this article is popular I will write an article on how to maximise your winnings out of 100% probability betting and give you an example, this will come later when I have time.

Ill leave you with this question:

Do you think its fair to use 100% probability betting and abuse the free bet offered by these Gambling companies? 

Leave a comment on your thoughts and let me know what you think of this article.