How to Get Cheap Electronics

Cheap Television

In times of economic hardship, where each one of us is striving to cut-down our inundate expenses and increase our savings with each passing month, it is becoming increasingly impossible to fulfill our electronic needs. However, there are several inexpensive online options that often offer electronic deals and bargains on a very irregular price.

These websites are regularly updated with newer stocks that might have something valuable to be sold on a significantly reduced price. The prices of products are usually 20-40% cheaper than the original prices. So, if you’re really strapped for cash, and want to snag some money saving electronic gadgets, some of these forums can really help you to this effect.


eBay is an American multi-national internet consumer-to-consumer business, which also provides an auctioning platform for sellers’ to find new prospects and get their products sold instantly. It is also a great place to bid your desired price and offer bargains that might be convincing to the seller. Often times, when companies that are planning to wrap up their business tend to upload a broad range of electronic products on remarkably cheaper prices. On these stocks, you will find products that are fully working and blown.

If you want a laptop that normally costs around $700, you can sometimes find the same for $370 (almost half the price) over this website. After every few days, you will find different packages that hold more than one electronic item, offering additional savings. The combo package would normally include peripherals and other accompaniments to the devices. Anecdotally, eBay has the best deals when it comes to consumer electronics.


Although, it is cheaper and cost-effective to shop over such forums, there are chances that the product offered on the catalogue is wrecked or falsely-portrayed. Also, cheaper electronics doesn’t come with an international warranty, meaning all your invested money is subject to unaccounted risk and you may end up acquiring something vehemently unreliable. For that, you won’t be able to make a claim anywhere to get your damage recovered. Thus, all these factors should be kept in mind while shopping for electronic products on eBay.

Buy Second Hand on Gum Tree

This is another great resource to snag some great electronic stuff, where people usually advertise to sale their ‘used’ electronic products—either because of its deteriorating condition OR they want to replace it with a newer one. Taking from laptops to iPods, mp3 players to digital cameras and other peripherals that comes with them; all of these items can be found on GumTree. You just need to contact the owner and visit the given address to check through the product and make a face-to-face bargain conveniently. However, you should never forget that second hand products maybe cheaper to own but they have a reduced life-span and performance. To avoid any risk, properly check for any defects or impaired material that could make you lose your money. And even though a product may look pristine, the internal integrity (such as circuits and chipset) of the product may have degraded over time, especially if it has been harshly used by the owner who previously held it. Before buying, ask yourself whether the product is going to last at least for a while or even less. After you have made sure that the product is up and running, go ahead and buy it. This will help you invest your money more wisely on those second hand products.

Online Shops

There are many other online retailing and auctioning stores, locally operated, similar to that of ebay. Among them, the most well-known are graysonline and; both of them operate around the same concept of online retailing and auctioning. These local online shops help you in saving hefty shipping charges that needs to be paid when you ship something outside of Australia. Over these and several other online shops such as and, you’ll usually find cheaper electronics available next door. However, you need to be wary of dodgy people putting up wrong ads to cajole customers into buying those useless gadgets. Before making a buy, don’t be reluctant to ask the owner a few basic questions about the product; it will help you determine the worth of the product.

Discounts at shops (Jb HIFI and others)

Other than those online retailing/auctioning stores, you might also want to visit large retail stores -known for their long standing credibility and customer service. These stores, throughout the year, introduce different discounts on a variety of electronic products that are pocket-friendly and attractive to consumer interest. Jb HIFI is one such store and the largest home entertainment retailer in Australia. It would usually take some time for the sales to be placed on these stores; hence you must keep abreast of the updated status of any discounts or deals being offered.  It is much safer to shop from such geographically located store because of its known credibility and easy access. They will provide you with sufficient warranty on which you can lay your back, knowing that the product is going to last and will continue to work in its original form.

These are only some of the options to get cheap electronics from, whether you’re searching for a new cell phone or planning to buy a second hand LED TV. There are numerous other options we didn’t include, like visiting a local store that’s closing down around the corner (which is a great option to consider, if you’re looking through cheap electronics and gadgets) or heading to a local repair shop to see what you can find there; these shops often have electronic items that they had received for repairing but the owner then decided to get rid of that. Whatever option you choose, don’t get carried away by the reduced prices of those products, and give them a thorough check before you go on buying them.

So, if you’ve been struggling with cash, try all these easy methods to fulfill your entertainment appetite.