Free Stuff for Students

As a university student, you may find yourself being burdened by student loans, bills and a host of other financial problems. However, there are people and businesses that recognise your financial situation and try to make life easier for you by giving you free stuff. All you have to do is keep your eyes and ears open for freebie giveaways and ask.

Freebies on Campus

The campus is freebies galore if you only know where to look.

Your university probably has an events calendar online, in the student magazine or on the notice boards. If you look carefully, you will find that many of these events provide free food. Try attending some meetings that provide free food and you may also get to meet new friends and discover new interests.

Because a university is often filled with cash-strapped students, your fellow academics know that giving away freebies on campus gets your attention. If you stop to fill out a survey, for example, you may get rewarded with a free gift or voucher. Researchers on campus also sometimes provide free stuff if you take part in their studies.

Free Stuff from Businesses

Businesses often provide freebies or deep discounts for students. Restaurants may give you a free drink for every meal purchased and entry fees to certain events may be waived.

One big freebie you shouldn’t miss is banking. Banks often have special student products with various fees waived, including annual fees, withdrawal fees, administration fees, etc. By gaining your loyalty now, the bank has a higher chance of retaining your business as your career and income grow in the future. And once you graduate, the bank can start charging you these fees.

Cyber Free Stuff

The world is filled with stuff people no longer want. It’s also full of people who want things other people no longer want. The Internet unites these two types of people in mutually beneficial arrangements.

Websites like Gumtree and Craigslist where you can put up advertisements for free often have a ‘freebies’ section for people to give away things they don’t need anymore. You may have to browse through many listings before you find something of value, but when you do, that something will be free. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Green movements are popping up everywhere as people become more and more aware of the Earth’s environmental problems. Because reusing secondhand items is one way to reduce landfill, some online communities exist online to facilitate the exchange of used items. It’s a way to live a more economical, sustainable life. You can get in touch with such communities and get things for free from websites like Freecycle, Read It Swap It or Streetbank.

About the Author: Andrew