Free Interactive International Online Subject Courses at FutureLearn

free-interactive-international-online-subject-courses-at-futurelearn (1)Australians can now get a free taste of international education through massive open online courses at FutureLearn, the UK’s first massive open online course platform. Its website has just opened classes 18 September this year. While this platform is open to everybody from anywhere around the world, Australians can join and can pride themselves as an Australian university is part of the sponsoring institutions composed of 23 almost exclusively top UK universities.

Monash University and MOOCs

The Monash University of Australia is one of the first three international members of the first UK-led massive open online course platform. Aside from the British and other international schools, the MOOCs group also has the backing of the British Council, the British Library and the British Museum. MOOCs, or massive open online courses, is the latest development in distance education. They are subjects taken through the internet with the purpose of gathering interactive participation of large proportions. Students learn through videos, readings and problem sets and also have forums at which the social aspect of the learning experience is facilitated as they participate in interaction. Professors and teaching assistants join the students in the forums.

FutureLearn, Monash Australia and Trinity College Dublin

Monash carries the banner for Australia in the global race of MOOCs. FutureLearn is the UK’s answer in the new technology competition in higher education. The Australian university has joined an indeed prestigious league as Britain, being a world leader in academics and science is keeping pace as one of the trend setters with its venture into MOOCs as the latest move. Only two non-British universities have been invited and admitted into the prestigious MOOC network. They are, as mentioned, Monash of Australia and, the other one, Trinity College Dublin of Ireland which is also a European institution.

UK Universities

UK universities who are members of the MOOC group are University of Bath, University of Birmingham, University of Bristol, Cardiff University, University of East Anglia, The Univestiy of Edinburgh, University of Exeter, University of Glasgow, King’s College London, Lancaster University, University of Leeds, University of Leicester, Loughborough University, the University of Nottingham, The Open University, Queen’s Belfast, University of Reading, The University of Sheffield, University of Southampton, University of Strathclyde, and The University of Warwick.

Free World Class Online Education through First Time MOOCs

The massive open online courses at FutureLearn have just started and many more subjects will start one by one within the following months and the next year. Each of them has a sponsor university. Again, enrollees study the subject courses free of charge. The group has member Open University as its leader. It is the biggest online learning institution in the UK and the world. Thus, students can be assured to have the same level and quality of learning as that of paid subject courses only that the difference is these are first time MOOCs. While their education network is venturing into MOOCs because of its being the latest development, foundation principle of education are still abided by as they believe and use storytelling, discussion, the celebration of progress and hot to be a good essay writer to learn and show your learning.

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