Five Essentials For Students Moving Out Of Home

Venturing out of the comforts of living with the old timers is absolutely liberating, and yet overwhelmingly scary all at the same time. Your first apartment or share house might be smaller than Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs, and you might be living next to a crazy cat lady who blasts George Michael in the wee hours of the morning, but hey, it’s a space to call your own. As you prepare to move out of your parent’s home, you will undoubtedly have a long list of items you’ll need to buy, borrow, and even perhaps score off the local Kerbside pickup. While you can wing a lot of items once you actually arrive or make do with a makeshift coffee table made from a cardboard box, there’s certain things you can’t do without. Here is just some of those things.

A Proper Bed – Not Just a Mattress


If you truly believe a mattress placed on the floor of your room will make do until you can afford a proper bed frame, think again. There’s nothing worse than lifting up your mattress for some spring cleaning and noticing the underside is completely covered in mould. Due to the lack of ventilation between the mattress and the floor, mildew has the chance to build up, resulting in you having to dig deep into those tiny student pockets for a brand new one. Don’t worry, a bed frame won’t set you back a small fortune, a basic frame easily comes in under $100.

Somewhere to Hang Your Clothes

Living out of a suitcase isn’t fun, and you never really feel like a space is your own when you’re sifting through clothes in a $2 shop bag. So if your new place doesn’t have built-ins, head to your nearest Kmart, Ikea or vintage furniture ship and grab a cool rack, cupboard or draw set.

Something to Sit On

Whether it’s simply a couch, a beanbag, or a massive lounge suite, there’s only so long you can sit on the floor. Remember, you don’t have to get the most glamorous and expensive couch available, you can always purchase a throw or slipcover to dress an old couch.

A Budget Office Suite

A desk and chair is more of an optional choice, however if you need a designated space to work on that gruelling 10,000 word thesis, investing in a solid work space is a wise decision.


As well as being totally practical, lighting can also dress a space to make it appear more inviting – and less dingy. You can find fun lanterns for your outdoor space for as little as $2, while lamps will come in handy for your bedside, when you’re too lazy to arise from the comforts of your covers to walk to the light switch.

This article can’t really end without making a special mention to the magnificent can opener; a tool that will end any can-like frustrations and potential cold wars in your household. Oh, and household cleaning products… You’ll most likely need those too.

Do you have any suggestions for first time movers? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

By Keryn Thomson

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