First time out of home? The essentials you will need!

Split the bills and saveMoving out is a big deal. It means you are becoming independent. You will be responsible for your own expenses, but you will also be able to live by your own rules (within reason) and decorate your place however you like.

Starting from Scratch

The hardest part of moving out for the first time is that you have to start from scratch. Your parents may give you a few items to take with you and you can beg, borrow and steal what you can from friends and other family members, but you will pretty much need everything. Op shops and second hand stores can be good starting places and large furniture stores like Super A-Mart also have pretty reasonably priced furniture and also flexible payment options.

Apart from the basic furnishings, things like a bed, a lounge, a table and chairs, there are lots of little bits and pieces you will require to create a functioning home. Here are the essential things you will need.

Tools for the Kitchen

Unless you decide to live on takeaways, which could be expensive and unhealthy, you will need to stock your kitchen with the necessary equipment to cook and also eat.

You can buy a 4 piece dinner set quite cheaply, which will include plates, saucers, cups and bowls. You will need a cutlery seat; a 20 piece set will be adequate. You will also need glasses and some coffee mugs.

In the cooking department you will need a few basics to get by. These will include a can opener  a vegetable peeler and a wooden spoon. You will also need some sharp knives for chopping vegetables and meats. Measuring cups and a cutting board are important too. You will also need an egg flip or a spatula. Silicon is best as it won’t stick and is easy to clean.

A fry pan, small saucepan and a large saucepan (for spaghetti) will be enough to get you started. Choose a non-stick frypan for easy washing up. You will also need a serving bowl for salads and a mixing bowl will come in handy. A slow cooker is an excellent investment as it will allow you to put on a meal before work and return home to a ready cooked meal. Food cooked in a slow cooker is very nutritious too as all the nutrients are retained in the meal. If you will be making casseroles or stews you will need a casserole dish or a Dutch oven.

Other miscellaneous items you will need are dish towels, a washing up rack, ice cube trays and salt and pepper shakers.

The Bathroom

You will need to purchase towels, face cloths and a foot towel. It is a good idea to wash these before use. You will also need a toilet brush.

For the Bedroom

You will require sheets, a doona and also pillows. Again, you should wash these before use. You will need clothes hangers and a laundry basket for your dirty clothes.

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