Finding a Cheap University in Sydney

If you are a domestic student it may be easier to find a cheap university in Sydney than you think. Being a domestic student (This means an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen, or an Australian permanent resident) means that you can have access to a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP).

What is a Commonwealth Supported Place?

A CSP means that the Australian Government pays a contribution towards all of your fees and you pay the rest as a student contribution. This is great news for you, if you are looking for a cheap university in Australia.

What Universities have CSPs?

If you apply at the University of Technology Sydney you will be automatically applied for a CPS if you are eligible. There are some conditions, like remaining in Australia for periods of study, but ultimately it makes studying in Sydney a lot more affordable.

Will it really help me find a cheap university in Sydney?

In short, yes! The list below shows the rough prices of academic fees for a full-fee paying domestic undergraduate student for universities located in Sydney

University of Western Sydney
Bachelor of Arts – $19,400

Macquaire University
Bachelor of Arts – $22,747

University of NSW
Bachelor or Arts – $33,000

University of Sydney
Bachelor of Arts – $22,456

These universities do offer Commonwealth Supported Places however unlike the University of Technology Sydney all applications are not for a CSP.

University of Technology Sydney
Bachelor of Arts Commonwealth Supported Place – $17,604

Although there may never be a ridiculously cheap university in Sydney; successfully enrolling in a CSP in the University of Sydney will be the most cost-effective option to obtaining your degree.

  • val yenko

    I didn’t even know about that. The CSP is going to enable me to go to a better school closer to home. I was originally looking for a school that I could afford and I would just have to relocate and find a new job but by being close to home, I can keep my job.

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