Financing Your Studies

Starting one’s studies is one of the most important steps that a modern man or woman takes in his
or her life. It is considered to be a key point in life, when you stop being a child and you begin
your adulthood. And, although it might seem to be a walk in the park, somehow, after some time
passes, students start to feel all the difficulties of being “independent”. Some have problems
with organizing their laundry, while others cannot figure out how to make pizza. These two, and
other similar things, are all issues that can be dealt with just by searching for solutions on the
internet, or, simply, by calling your mum. However, there is one issue that brings goose bumps to
almost all students, and that is: how to manage money, or, better yet, how not to go bankrupt. The
following article will give you an insight on one of the things you can go for. Keep in mind that
this piece of text is dedicated to all those students who have decided to take up studies far away
from their homes, and who want to “make it on their own”.

We all know that education doesn’t come cheap, and when I say “education”, I don’t mean it in
the most literal sense, but, within this term, I include all the problematic topics like: where to be
situated, what to eat, how to commute, etc. Apart from that, I think that a student should plan
leisure activities and recreation as well, because, let’s face it, students should be healthy on the
one hand, and on the other hand they love to party, which is only natural, because you are “young
only once in a lifetime”. After taking all this into account, you can deduce that all these demands
cannot be financially met with a mediocre part-time job payment, and most students cannot find a
better job, while they are enrolled. It is only after graduation that they can look forward to being
regarded as serious individuals, who can find a good and well paid job and who can manage and
calculate their finances, so that you don’t go bankrupt (we all know that bankruptcy in Australia
is not that uncommon). Again, the question is: how to get there?

The Relocation Scholarship

Scholarships are a common thing to go for. An important thing to know is that, nowadays, the
scholarship system has developed, so that now you have different kinds of scholarships for
different types of students. If you are student who has moved away from home for educational
purposes, then the Relocation scholarship is, most probably, the thing you have been looking
for. This is a very well known money lending program and it is primarily concerned with helping
students pay for their education, and by doing this, the students can manage their own finances
in order to acquire all the other things that they need. However, not everyone is eligible for such
a convenience (which is the case with almost every scholarship). In order to get a Relocation
Scholarship, you have to:

have a family home located in either a regional area or in a major city;
be moving away from you original place of living for higher education purposes (this is
why it is called “relocation” scholarship);

enroll in a faculty where you will be studying an approved course;
be a full time student;
have some income (at least the minim, basic Youth Allowance)

At first, this scholarship was solely dedicated for students that are coming from remote or very
remote areas, because, logically, they experience more trouble when coming to “the big city”,
because they have to change their entire way of life, which can be very hard, wouldn’t you agree?
If their educational expenses have been taken care of, then they can adjust to the new way of
living with more ease, since they will have the money to manage.

Today, this scholarship takes into consideration some students that come from the big city.
However, the students from regional areas have a certain privilege, and this is due to logical
reasons, all of which are stated above.

If you are a student from a regional area, you get:

$4,000, in the first year

$2,000, in the second and third year

$1,000, in any successive year of studying

If you are a student from a major city, you get:

$4,000, in the first year

$1,000, in any successive year of studying

You should keep in mind that all these laws change very much as time passes. You should look
into bankruptcy laws, just to get in the hang of things. This article will be of use to you, but only
if the law stays intact from the time I have written this, to the time you are reading this article.
If you are researching on what to do, do not stop here. Make sure that you explore many other
options so that you can choose the best one for you. Studying is very important, and you should
do all you can to make it as easy to you as possible.

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