Financial Guide for International Students in Australia

Financial Guide for International Students in Australia

Being an international student in Australia, the best habit that you can develop is money management. It goes without saying that international students live on a tight budget as compared to their counterparts – the citizens and permanent residents. Keeping that in mind, international students must realize that since they are living away from their home and essentially have limited sources of income, they must control their expenses or else be the victim of financial problems.

There are several ways in which you can be on top of your finances. A few such tips are explained below. They can really help international students in Australia with regard to money management.

Make It and Stick to It!

The importance of budgeting cannot be avoided at all. It proves to be the single most effective tool in keeping your expenses within a limit. Consider all your needs, allocate a reasonable amount of money for each, and then follow it strictly. In the beginning it might be a little difficult, but as you develop the habit of being light on your pocket, you will realize the heavy financial benefits afterwards.

Avoid Plastic Money!

It is always safe to carry cash instead of plastic money. Whenever you go out take only cash with you as it will limit your expenses to the amount you have available with you. In case of plastic money, students are likely to spend over and above their budget. At first you will be happy to bring home a luxury product, but by the need of month you are likely to regret it when even basic necessities become hard to fulfill.

Work to Earn More!

A part-time job is a great option to increase income. If you are enrolled in such an academic course or program that is least affected by part-time jobs, then you should definitely opt for one. It will not only make you earn more money, but will greatly enhance your chances of employment once you are done with your education.

Search for Alternatives!

Whether you are out for purchasing grocery items, apparel, or anything else, always make sure that you shop around. There is nothing wrong in looking for all available options because oftentimes it introduces you to option that are much better in quality and much cheaper than others.


In addition to the above mentioned tips, you can act smart in other ways too. For instance, use deals and coupons, buy used books, visit discount stores, avail students discounts anywhere and everywhere, reduce recreational activities to a minimum, etc. As a matter of fact, reducing expenditures is often easier than increasing income!

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