Failing the Independence Test

Many students find that they are not eligible to receive Youth Allowance because their Parents earn too much money. Essentially what has happened is they have failed the Parental “Independence test”. In this test students must prove they are not dependant on their parents. Those students who are dependent on their parents will then need their parents to declare their income and assets so Centrelink can decide if they have the ability to help them through Uni, so Centrelink doesn’t need to.

For many this creates a serious problem as while Centrelink might see you as dependant on your parents in reality many parents are not that generous. This means that they might find themselves in a situation where it genuinely may not be affordable to go to University. Well at least not straight away.

Now before you create a serious family breakdown through shouting abuse at your parents. It’s probably a good idea to think of more rational alternatives to being able to finance university.

Some students including myself decide not to study straight after finishing high school. Students work for 18 months full time will find that they have met the criteria to pass the independence test.  So not only could you earn lots of money in this period and have lots of fun but you would become eligible for Youth Allowance. In fact you may actually save up some money to help you through University.

Now I know I speak from bias when I talk about the benefits of taking time off after school before starting Uni. It can give you a real opportunity to really understand what it is you want to with your life after Uni just doing a period of work.

Realistically there is actually a huge number of students who start studying something just because they don’t know what it is that they want to do. I almost enrolled to do a Bachelor in art major in History, but I am glad that I didn’t because although I enjoy history its not really what I want to do.

There are other alternative to becoming eligible for Youth Allowance, but I just wanted to share how I became eligible. With a bit of investigation you may find a way you could become eligible without struggling while studying until you become 22.

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