Exercise and Study

Everyone knows that exercise is important to living healthy but what effect does this have on our ability to study at university?

Exercise and your Attention Span
Attention span is important for study, most people have a certain amount of it before they loose concentration and start thinking of other things. Through regular exercise you can improve you attention span and focus.  If you’re like me and study accounting you need all the help you can get to concentrate on the complex issues. By going for a regular jog you might find your able to get through your uni work more quickly.

Exercise and Motivation
Do you, Know that feeling? The one where you just don’t feel like doing any study today? Well regular exercise will also improve your motivation. Feeling lethargic is often a by-product of being a couch potato and by getting out regularly and breaking a sweat your lethargy will dissipate.

Exercise and your Immune system
Its amazing how many students get sick during a semester, especially during exam time. It seems to spread like crazy through the study areas at my universities library. Regular exercise works wonders to keep you healthy and ward away those colds and flues that can jeopardise your grades during exam time.

Exercise and Mood
When you exercise your body releases endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine, these chemicals lift your mood and make your feel more relaxed and happy.  Next time your stressed from uni work do what I do and go for a run, you will feel better afterwards.

How much exercise?
Exercise is great for your mind and body. However there is a limit to how much you should do it and how regularly. Overtraining can make you lethargic and weaken your immune system, although you need to train very hard to get to this point. If you do weights you shouldn’t do the same muscle group two days in a row as your body needs time to recover and grow. Its not a bad idea to speak to someone about working out a good plan for you, most Gyms will be able to help you with this if you’re a member.

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