How to Deal with Your Mobile Carrier?

TeleWhen it comes to getting a new phone or changing your current mobile plan, you should know that you now have a wide range of different options. It’s always tempting to get a new smartphone with it, which will enable you to use the latest ups and updates, but there are a couple of things that indicate that this may not be a good idea, unless you plan on paying for it in cash.

If you decide to go to Telstra, Optus or Vodafone, you’ll be greeted with high fees and overcharged phone deals, without even knowing it. Technology has advanced so much that talking minutes and SMS services became practically cheap. So, when there’s no need to pay for something, why go for an even higher price? The first thing to understand is that you can organize your life in such a way that you can minimize the usage of minutes. Today, there’s not much people left who don’t know to use Skype or Facebook. Other than these two very well-known and popularized ways of communication, there are a bunch of apps that appeared recently, which you can use free of charge. So, whoever you want to contact, you can find an appropriate app that will enable you to do so.

Large mobile carriers are appreciated because of their names – people trust them. That’s the only reason why everyone prefers to go to one of their establishments – you know for sure that it works. But, what actually needs to be done, everyone somehow forgets. For example, when you’re buying a pair of jeans, you never really buy the first one you see without even trying them on. It’s should be the same with minutes, right? The human kind is still new to the whole technology thing, so we are not sure how to trade with it yet. I suppose that the problem with it is in its intangibility, so it’s hard to put your finger on it.

The customer is always rightCustomer Mobile Carrier

A lot of people avoid complaining when there something wrong with a service. Again, if it were about a pair of jeans, you’d go back to the store and replace it. But, when a problem with network connection appears, everyone simply redials and continues talking like nothing is wrong. The next time this happens, you should definitely call your operator and ask him or her what went wrong with your call. You shouldn’t hesitate to say that you’re not satisfied with your service and that, if they don’t fix the problem, you could be switching to another mobile carrier. This way, you can start your negotiations – if your problem appeared more than once, you should ask for some kind of compensation, because that’s only fair.

It’s very important to let your operator know exactly when you were dissatisfied with their service – it’s their job to fix it. When it comes to compensation, you can get either a number of minutes you’ve lost because of their bad connection, or perhaps get a better deal for a gadget you desire. So, the next time your connection breaks, don’t redial and continue like nothing ever happened, but use your rights and say you’re not satisfied out loud.

Do some research before getting a new mobile plan

Most mobile phone users have the usual type of mobile plan – something that came with a nice smartphone and locked you down for the next two years. The thing that’s missing here is knowledge about other options that could cut your expenses in half.

Most mobile providers rely on getting people to sign up for long contracts which bring them secure and steady revenue, often allowing you to purchase a new phone to sweeten the deal. Smaller providers often buy minutes from big established companies and try to offer a more competitive price. One of the best examples of this is Amaysim. This company doesn’t use contracts or sell any phones whatsoever; the only two things you can get there are SIM cards and cheap mobile phone plans. They buy minutes from Optus allowing them to provide customers with incredible coverage and reliability, but at very low rates. So, you should definitely have this in mind the next time you’re ready to change your mobile phone plan. Have in mind that you’re giving too much money for a service that’s not even that good.

TeleIn the end, there’s always that question of how to get a new phone if not with a contract. It’s more difficult for everyone to pay the whole amount right away, so we all choose to pay it off in the next year or two and give a lot more money than we should. The next time you want to get a new phone, it’s perhaps better to save some money first and get a mobile phone separately, so you don’t give a dime more than you should.

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