Cost for Studying Abroad

Going overseas to study for a period can be one of the best times you can have in your life.  Although the cost for studying abroad is high you will make international friends and experience some amazing times. For those of you who know you want to study abroad unfortunately it cost a lot of money although many people will say it is worth it. So let’s look at some of the costs that you may likely need to be aware of:

  • Tuition Fees – This varies greatly from what part of the world you study in and the quality of the University/College
  • Health Insurance – An Absolute must as when your overseas. For people who think they can be smart and save on this cost they may find that if anything happens they will be out of pocket thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Which otherwise would have been covered by a insurance company.
  • Cost of Accommodation – Probably one of the largest expenses you can expect. In many cases you will be able to live on campus and its probably not a bad option if your only staying a semester. Staying long term then it’s a good idea to do the research as maybe living off campus may be a better option. If you rent a place you need to look at the costs of furnishing it.
  • Living Costs – How much does food cost? What about entertainment and things like that? Its important to budget and be realistic you probably will run into a lot of expenses with entertainment such as parties on the weekend and getting out and seeing things.  Its important to make the most of your time abroad as it is to do well in your exams.
  • Travelling – You didn’t travel over the other side of the planet to sit in you room and study. Expect to go out and check out surrounding areas, you will learn more life experience from doing this than from your textbooks. Have an allotted amount of money for this purpose.
  • Expect to blowout your budgets – By all means you should be frugal with your money and not blow it on silly things, but still expect to spend a lot of money on unexpected thing’s often these things are the most fun that you have.

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