A Comparison of Australian Unlimited Mobile Plans

Compare mobile plansStaying connected with friends and family, conducting business negotiations, talking to your significant other, ordering pizza – these are just some of the things that we use our mobile phones for on a daily basis. We are social animals, our need for sharing information and gossiping is what has helped us build a global civilization, and, at the end of the day, it is what keeps us going. Being as talkative as we are, the need arises for an efficient means of communication, one that is not limited to a set amount of minutes per month. Not everyone has the need to spend hours on the phone or send hundreds of texts, but for those who do, standard mobile plans just aren’t enough.

Who will benefit the most from an unlimited plan?

Unlimited mobile plans may not be worth the extra investment if you are not going to be taking full advantage of them – although there are some fairly cheap options, but more on that later. Generally speaking, the people who will benefit the most from an unlimited plan include:

  • People in a relationship that have long talks with their partner
  • Entrepreneurs who need to make calls all the time to ensure their business runs smoothly
  • Younger people who are very socially active
  • People with friends and family living in different cities

If you fit into one of these categories or tend to spend several hundred minutes per month talking on the phone and texting for whatever reason, then you should start looking at unlimited mobile plans.

A quick look at the top players and their offers

There are several major mobile providers in Australia, each of them offering a wide variety of plans, so there is plenty to choose from. However, not all providers are made equal, and a bigger price tag won’t necessarily get you much more reliability and quality of service. Here is a list of major providers offering good unlimited plans.


Being Australia’s largest telecommunications company, Telstra invests billions of dollars into upgrading and maintaining its network and has unmatched coverage. However, this reputation of quality and reliability has allowed the company to pump up their prices, being significantly more expensive than the competition, and adopt a nonchalant stance toward addressing customer complaints. It is a great provider overall, if somewhat steeply priced. As far as unlimited plans go, Telstra offers both 24 month and month-to-month plans:

  • For $130 you can get an unlimited month-to-month plan with 3 GB of data or a 24 month plan that includes a phone
  • For $95 you get a 24 month unlimited plan if you don’t need a phone

It’s also good to mention that they have a sort of a hybrid plan – $95 month to month and 24 months with a phone or $70 per 24 months without a phone – that limits you to $950 worth of calls, but with free calls at night and during the weekends. This is probably their most cost-effective plan for big talkers, provided that you buy your own phone. If you don’t mind paying a little more than you would with their competitors, you can expect a good service with excellent 3G and 4G coverage.

OptusOptus Mobile

Optus is the second largest Australian network, and fairly close to Telstra in terms of coverage and quality of service. They are very reliable and put more effort in their customer service, although they may be a bit underrated. Optus has some of the best mobile plans on the market, balancing quality and cost fairly effectively. In terms of unlimited plans they have quite a few options available:

  • Starting at $60, you get an unlimited 24 month plan that includes a phone and 2GB of data, for better phones expect to pay $70-$75
  • For $80 you get the same deal only with 3GB of data
  • For $45 you get an unlimited month-to-month plan with 2 GB of data
  • For $60 you get the same plan only with 5 GB of data

The best deal here are the $45 and $60 month-to-month plans, depending on how much data you’ll need. The phone deals are much more reasonably priced as well – you’re looking at an iPhone 5S for $79 per month.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin mobile is one of the bigger mobile prVirgin Mobileoviders with a great track record, very good customer service and low prices. They are a subsidiary of Optus, which means you get incredible 3G and 4G coverage and top quality service. Their unlimited plans are well-priced and include the following:

  • An $80 unlimited 24 month plan with 5 GB of data and a phone
  • A $70 unlimited 24 month plan with 5 GB of data without a phone

It’s important to note that with Virgin, you have access to some interesting deals like earning 3 velocity points for every dollar spent on postpaid accounts, and they have the best customer service – regularly beating out their competitors in terms of customer satisfaction.


Using the Optus network and focusing on great budget-friendly plans has allowed Amaysim to jump to the very forefront. It provides users with all the reliability and great coverage that the Optus network offers, only at lower rates. The company’s bread and butter is the unique Amaysim unlimited plan:Amaysim

  • For $40 you get an unlimited month-to-month plan with 4GB of data

That’s it – one simple and incredibly appealing unlimited plan for big talkers who don’t want to spend a whole lot of money. Amaysim has excellent customer service, and although there aren’t any 24 month deals with the latest smartphones on offer, their deal is very hard to beat and is a very popular option.

When it comes to the best mobile plans for those looking for unlimited calls and texting, these are the most reliable and/or cost-effective options out there. Be sure to do your own research and go with a provider that provides you with the right balance between cost, quality and functionality.

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