Choose Wisely – Courses and Programs Least Affected by Part-time Employment

The Contradictory Claims

There is an on-going debate whether students should work while studying or not. Some people believe that students should devote themselves completely to studies, because if they study well today, they can secure a bright future once they enter the job market after completing studies. However, contrary to that is the claim of a big majority, which also sounds practical in today’s highly competitive professional environment.

Most of the experts and professionals today agree that students should definitely go for part-time jobs during their graduation programs so that even before they get the degree, they have an ample amount of job experience that can really give them an edge over those who have only studied so far. To be practical, if an employer is given a choice between two fresh graduates with and without prior job experience respectively, he will opt for the former.

Addition in Experience and Income

This new concept of working and studying simultaneously has actually changed the lives of many. Previously, students used to be short of cash because of not having any source of income other than what was given by parents; whereas expenses were the same. However, now students prefer working part-time so they can support their studies and can also upgrade their lifestyle. Besides, internships are always beneficial in gaining hands-on knowledge.

Don’t Let Go Your Passion

For the above mentioned purpose, it is necessary to choose those courses and programs that you can manage along with part-time jobs. However, it is indeed not suggested to go for a program at the cost of personal interest for a particular discipline. Everybody has personal inclinations towards one or more fields and it is important to stick to where your interest is. Going for a program just for the sake of enabling yourself for a part-time job is just a waste of numerous resources.

Practical Experience – The Essence of Study

There are a few courses and programs that are least affected by part-time jobs, provided you don’t neglect your studies willingly. These courses along with relevant practical experience can be extremely beneficial for students. Some examples are below:

  • If you are doing B.Ed., you can opt for teaching in the evening program.
  • Students of Business Administration can go for freelancing, brand activation, personal selling, etc.
  • Students of arts and literature can also assist some industry professionals as a part-time job such as a painter, script writer, archeologist, or people from media and arts.

The scope of a part-time job is only limited to one’s imagination. Each and every field has the scope of working and studying simultaneously, be it less or more. However, those fields where human negligence is extremely risky and unaffordable, working without a formal degree is prohibited; for instance, medical surgery or flying an airplane.

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