Centrelink Student Benefits

It surprises me that many students have little or no knowledge that they are entitled to benefits from Centrelink. It would be certainly interesting to know the statistics but I’m positively sure there is a huge number of students that work the entirety of their studies without claiming a dollar, even though they probably would have been able to. In many cases it can be the difference of thousands or tens of thousands of dollars that they otherwise would have received.

Why Centrelink Benefits?

Centrelink provides benefits that enable students to breathe easier an concentrate on studies rather than focusing on trying to keep down jobs to pay the bills and rent. University is hard enough many students are studying 7 days a week to get the good grades, dealing with the stress of being completely reliant on casual jobs to pay for a meagre existence for a couple years until graduation. If you llive and study in a city like Sydney or Melboure and work less than 20hrs a week, its highly likely that your job probably wont be paying you enough to pay the rent and bill’s let alone eating and entertaining yourself, put simply Centrelink is a necessity of many Students.

Is it wrong to claim Centrelink Benefits?

There are those people that believe its somehow wrong to claim benefits from Centrelink and in fact they take pride in the fact that they don’t.  There are also those in older generations who think that think it wrong and complain that young people are getting “Free money” from the government to bludge while studying.

Its not Wrong!

I would like to clear this up. Firstly studying is no bludge and frequently those who treat it as such find this out when they receive their grades. Myself I frequently find that 7 days a week are filled with one form of work or another and have scant if any time to do other things.

If you’re can, Claim!

If you’re entitled to receive Centrelink Benefits, there is a very good reason why. Its tough enough being a student and we need all the help we can get. Money should not be the major worry throughout university, Grades and getting that job at the end should be.

Centrelink benefits, an investment in Australia’s Future.

Let’s face it we study so that we can have a better future and if we have a better future we are more likely to pay more tax. Therefore why should we not claim benefits that we are entitled to which are designed to help us through this tough period?

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