Centelink Benefits what are students entitled to?

Students who are eligible can receive one or a few different types of benefit payments from Centrelink. They may not be much, but they certainly take the edge off struggling through Uni and give you a chance to focus on study without having to hold down a full time Job while doing full time study. Im  sure you might agree that could can make your brain explode! So here are some of the different payments students may be entitled to.

Youth Allowance or AusStudy?

Youth allowance is a benefit generally paid to students undertaking an approved studies or an apprenticeship. To be eligible for youth allowance you need to be under the age of 25, for those over 25 they should apply for AusStudy.

Both AusStudy and Youth allowance pay roughly the same amount of money for students in similar circumstances. They are also the largest benefit Centrelink offers students to assist income through studies. The amount Centrelink pays for Youth allowance is dependent on a Income test and your situation.

Rent Assistance

This is a benefit Centrelink offers for students who receive benefits including Youth Allowance and AusStudy.  It helps you meet the cost of rent paid to a landlord while having a low income. The amount centrelink pays for Rent assistance is dependent on your situation where your renting. Read my other article on Rent assistance here

Student Start Up Scholarship

If you receive $1 of Youth Allowance or AusStudy Benefits its likely that you will receive the Student Start up Scholarship which is quite a large payment made for each 6 months at the start of the semester. Essentially Centrelink will deposit this large sum into your bank account to help with expenses such as textbooks and stationary and to generally cover any other expenses at the start of the Uni semester. The student Startup Scholarship pays in addition to the

If you want to find out more about Centrelink then you can look at there website here.

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