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Scholarships for International Students to Study at Australian Universities – Part III

So now we’ve come to the last and the most important piece of this series covering scholarships offered to international students to continue their undergraduate or postgraduate education in Australia. Do you know the costs of studying in Australia? Do you have the required financial resources to pursue your educational dreams in this “land of kangaroos”?  

In this article, we’ll help you gather important information about the expenses you might have to bear as an international student in Australia.

A Look at Stats

According to the findings of an HSBC report, the educational cost in Australia is higher than most other countries. However, the same report reveals that, compared to the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, Australia attracts the most number of international students.

The report suggests that the average annual amount an international student has to pay in Australia is AU$41,480. This figure usually includes AU$14,148 for cost of living and AU$27,320 for tuition fees. Bear in mind that tuition fees in Australia largely depends on your particular area of study and the level of your educational program. The current value of the Australian dollar can also have a great impact on your educational expenses in Australia.

Cost of Education in Australia

There are a total of 43 universities in Australia. If you are seeking admission in any of these universities as an international student, you might have to pay your tuition fees in advance. Don’t forget to review different costs associated with each academic course. After all, some courses involve additional costs, such as course materials and institution facilities.

According to the official government website for international students, annual tuition costs for international students applying for an undergraduate bachelor degree program start from $15,000. You might have to pay $20,000-$37,000 if you’re trying to get enrolled in a postgraduate masters degree program. The tuition fees for doctoral degree programs usually range from $14,000 to $37,000.

Scholarship Benefits

Being an international student in Australia, you’ll have to consider a number of education costs, such as academic fees, living expenses, and books and equipment costs. However, if you’ve applied for a scholarship to study in Australia, you can expect to receive full tuition fees, contribution to the basic living expenses, health cover costs, and supplementary academic support.

Every scholarship program involves its own eligibility conditions and benefits. For instance, Australia Awards scholarships offer the basic establishment allowance of AU$5,000, while International Postgraduate Research scholarships include a specific amount as thesis allowance.

The bottom line – apply for the best scholarship or grant program, get enrolled in any of Australia’s top universities, avail the offered scholarship benefits, and get started on your educational journey!

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