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4 Simple Ways To Repair Your Credit

Time and chance happens to everyone, but the credit report will be the constant reminder of the bad times. Unfortunately, in a downtrodden economy, it is not unlikely for people to have blemishes on their credit. However; these imperfections can impact the ability to purchase a home, a vehicle or even acquire employment. Thankfully, there are waysContinue Reading

How to Stop Spending Money

I remember the time when I was still a student. I was young, optimistic and didn’t have too much things to worry about. Nowadays, money is a primary concern even for students. This need not be the case if you have the self-discipline. Here are a few things I tried out in the past thatContinue Reading

Credit Cards for Students – Can Banks Really Help?

Credit Cards for Students – Can Banks Really Help? Before entering professional life with loads of responsibilities, people think of university life as the last phase of fun and adventure. These four years come with great pleasure of studying and enjoying at the same time. For many people, it can either be a nerdy phaseContinue Reading

Credit Card Cash Advance

Ok before I start  a rant on how Credit Card Cash advances are bad, let me just say this, “If your dumb enough you shouldn’t do it, if your smart enough you don’t need it.” Ok That being said and done I have a confession to make. I have in the past made cash advances,Continue Reading

Funding University

University is expensive, not only do you need to find money for course fees and text books but you will also need to find funds for everyday living expenses such as food, electricity, rent and entertainment. For someone thinking of going to University and looking at the sums it can easily seem like it’s impossibleContinue Reading

Credit Cards the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It amazing to think that there are so many different opinions about credit cards. I have spoken to so many different people and heard so many different things both good and bad.  I Previously was an avid hater of the plastic debt machine but in more recent times have changed my opinion. The Good: WellContinue Reading

Benefits of Credit Cards

Most people know what a credit card is. It’s a facility where the bank gives you the ability to borrow money. But few students understand what a credit card can do to help people manage their money.  So I decided to write a blog on just a couple common benefits of credit cards. Typically creditContinue Reading is not a credit provider and does not act as a intermediary between any credit providers. This website does not provide Financial Product Advice or deal in the sale of any financial product. If you require this service it is recommended to seek the help of a professional. You should consider your own specific circumstances before making any Financial decision.