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The Benefit’s to using a Student Budget calculator


Before we begin on how to benefit from using a student budgeting calculator, download one for free here. This calculator was proudly created by Tim Fisher from If you have any questions about the calculator feel free to contact Tim Fisher here.

College years can indeed be the finest of all times and the nastiest of times. Being on your own, completing your education to build a career, making friends, partying without supervision from parents is just awesome! However, it can be the vilest moment as you witness your bank account deteriorating, and also having to manage your funds, both personal and financial aid funds all at a go.

So, how exactly can you properly manage your funds as a college student? Student budget calculator is the answer.

The moment you realize that you have more months than money then it’s best to immediately start tracking your daily expenditure. Where exactly is my cash going to? The cheapest and relatively easy way is using a student budget calculator and have a list of every single thing you are spending money on; and I mean absolutely everything. Starting with the insignificant sprees that in most cases go ignored for instance snacks, cigarettes and liquor. If possible, go get past bank statements to have a clear picture of what you have been spending out of the norm. Is it internet? Eating out? Affluent mobile phone package?

The student planner will give you a ‘bigger picture’ of how far you can stretch your income when you’ve filled out the amounts in each category relevant to you. Once you’ve altered the sheet to suit your circumstances, you can adjust your expenses to make sure you don’t go over your budget.

To some people, using a student budget planner can be an uphill task. Continue reading to get an insight of how well you can use a student budget planner.

  1. Firstly, ensure you include the opening balance in the spreadsheet. Any amount that you decide to donate to your savings account is what will become the opening balance.
  2.  Adjust the number of months in every semester to match that of your institution. Universities have different periods of teaching and to access this information, just visit your institution’s website. The steps are very straight forward, go to the search engine and type in the name of your institution followed by the words “academic calendar” and this will hopefully bring you all the important details.
  3. Include your income and all the expenses to the spreadsheet for every single semester. Put all the recurring transactions i.e. the monthly phone bill in the monthly column. With the aid of the spreadsheet, you will be able to calculate the total depending on the number of months in that particular semester.
  4. In case you need to add a few more things to the spreadsheet, just create new columns. You also have an option of editing or even deleting items that are not relevant.

Establishing an economical budget for a college student should be considered with extreme vitality since it is the commencement of your pecuniary life. Using a student budget calculator will certainly offer you an advantage over all the other classmates. After graduating, you will be having all the necessary knowledge, experience and skills to assist you in the actual financial world. Financial plans are today a part of everyone’s life and college students are not an exception. In fact, it is time they join the bandwagon and commence the journey to becoming budgeting gurus.

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