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How to ace the interview – skills to succeed

When managers list an ad with on the Internet, Job agency or Newspaper they already have a rough idea of what they want from an employee. They may have already had many staff who have fulfilled that same role with varying levels of success or perhaps failure. For you to succeed in a job interview  its vital that you are best prepared to present yourself as someone who will succeed and add a lot of value to their business.

Research the employer

Attribute to Alex France on Flikr

Attribute to Alex France on Flikr

Firstly you need to do your homework. Research the company and the people doing the interview. What sort of work will you be doing? What’s the culture of the company? Would it be a fun place to work? Knowing these things will help you firstly to decide if it’s the right job for you so you don’t waste your time by going to an interview for a job you don’t want.

Give them what they want

So, by this point you should have done your research and know a thing or two about the role and most importantly…what the employer is looking for. Armed with this knowledge you need to demonstrate that you are this person. Most employers an you need to demonstrate that you possess the skills and attitude that puts you head and shoulders above the other applicants. Many employers ask similar questions such as behavioral style interview questions, Expect to give a short talk about yourself, things like what your previous experience is and what skills you have learnt from previous jobs can make you an impressive candidate.

Don’t sabotage yourself

Every manager has at some point experienced a bad hire. Perhaps that person lied about their experience and don’t have the necessary skills, or maybe they just have a poor attitude and only care about getting their paycheck and what they don on the weekends.  A bad hire can cost a business a fortune, aside from obvious costs of time and money involved in hiring and training the new employee, negative attitudes and disruptive behavior can be infectious in a workplace, meaning other employees can take a turn for the worst. Choose your words wisely in an interview, the wrong words can create the wrong impression about you and cost you the job. Always put a positive outcome when you need to raise your own flaws and never point out the flaws in previous managers or coworkers.

Dress to impress

So once you know it’s a job you want and you have done your homework on the company its time to decide what to wear. Peoples dress sense is often a reflection of their personality so if you turn up in a singlet and thongs your sending a message that your probably to relaxed for most employers and possibly better suited for the ques at Centrelink. Dressing professionally is easy points won to make a lasting impression.

What type of interview?

The style of interview is also an important factor. For a Group interview be prepared for a short introduction to the group and have something interesting to say about yourself. Group interviews are typically done to determine how you interact in a group  so work with people not against and don’t be afraid to speak up and answer questions. One on one interviews are more personal the interviewer will be seeking to gauge your experience and determine whether you fit into the company culturally. Its important to relax and build rapport with you interviewer as typically managers prefer to hire people that they interact well with.

Make a connection

Probably one of or possibly the most important factor is that you need to make a connection with your potential employer. Since you might need to work for them its important that they like you as a person. Having a smile or making eye contact at the right point can actually make a surprising difference…and naturally you need to laugh if they make a joke.  If you get a chance to ask questions this a great opportunity, ask about your interviewer, make it relevant to the interview and find a commonality between you.

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