Best Mechanics in Gladesville: My experience with Kwik Fit

I recently stumbled across a mechanic in Gladesville that I was most impressed with, Kwik Fit give the best service and value. These are guys you can trust with your car, unlike so many other mechanics. After having so many bad experiences getting ripped off and coincidental breakdowns after visits to a mechanic its really a relief to have had a really good experience.

The problem with some mechanics is you can never really prove if they created damage, although they wont mind repairing it for a fee! I used to visit a mechanic in West Ryde for Rego pink slip or for other mechanical repairs. It worked out really well for me for a while, as they are located close to the Meadowbank Tafe. Since I am a University student visited the library to get some study done while they carried out the work. Thought I was getting a good deal from these blokes but on three occasions within a day or two of visiting my car broke down under questionable circumstances. On one occasion a day after one visit to get Rego done my break cable snapped without warning. Ok, fair enough I have an old car and these things happen…However the next year when I got my rego done with the West Ryde Mechanics I happened to ask them how much it would cost to get the Tyre’s replaced after they informed me the tread was getting low. Unfortunately for me on the trip home one of my Tyre’s blew out from the valve while turning a round-about.

Im  not saying these mechanics created the damage, nor can say I received bad service. Its just that the circumstances of which these events happened makes me question whether these guys are being completely honest with me. Its just a bit of a coincidence that 2 out of 3 mechanical faults that happen to my car in within 2 years occurs within a day of a visit to get my Rego done… It was enough to make me find a new mechanic.

Another really bad experience I had with a mechanic was when I was working late nights and had temporarily moved back in with my parents for a short time. I needed to get Registration pink slip done as well as a service on my car and my father recommended his mechanic near them. At the time I was working late in the evenings and since this mechanic was located near a Petrol station I was able to pick my car up late at night from the Petrol station. The mechanic called me and ran over some of the things the service would fix I was on the train at the time and just told him to go ahead with the work without getting a price. Which was a big mistake… Unfortunately I had made a false assumption I would get a good deal as I had been recommended these guys by my Father. The bill came in over $1,000! there was no major work done just little things like $40 for a windscreen wiper which wasn’t properly installed and slipped.

I have had my fair share of bad mechanics, it seems many just want to bleed you for every dollar they can. But today I actually had an experience that impressed me a great deal. So you could understand how worried I was when Rego came around this year as I recently had a accident where someone ran directly into my car without looking…but that is a story for another day! So I had this damage on my car and needed to keep my wheels on the road. I needed a good mechanic that would not try to take me for a fool. Luckily I had a recommendation from my friend to try out Kwik Fit in Gladesville.

Visiting the mechanic I had expected to drop off my car and spend the next hour aimlessly walking around trying to waste time while they finish off other jobs and spend the five minutes required to make sure my break lights work ect…When I got there they didn’t make me wait they checked out my car on the spot and told me what was stopping me from passing rego. They then fixed all the parts such as several light bulbs and gluing the break pedal rubber back on. The mechanic noticed that I had been hit recently and suggested how I can replace and repair the damage to the car really cheaply, he also gave me other hints and tips on fixing things with my car.

I mentioned that one of the new Tyre’s I purchased had developed a slow leak and had to replace it with the spare. The mechanic took at look at the Tyre and took his personal kit and removed the screw he found and plugged the hole at no cost showing me how I can do the same with a kit I can buy from an automotive store for $15. He also gave me tips on things I should have in my car to make minor repairs in the event of other break downs. All while he was completing these repairs he cracked some jokes and made me laugh, was the best visit to a mechanic I have experienced.

To be honest I had not expected such good service from these Mechanics, they did a really great job and I know I will be using them in exclusively in future. It seems so many mechanics are just out to make a quick dollar and don’t care about the consequences it has on their customers. Students like myself are not known for having lots of cash to spend and when you get a bill for $1,000 or damage coincidentally occurs to after a visit it puts you in a difficult station forcing you to tighten the already tight budget even further. I spent an hour with these guys and they charged me a very reasonable price and gave me advice that would save me hundreds and keep me on the road when I break down.

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