Best Meal for Students

I just sat down from a meal of one of my favourites. I consider it to be the best student meal there is! No, im not talking about lobster or Expensive Chocolate, nor was it a Big Mac with chips in the burger. As a matter of a fact my favourite meal for students is Sausages.

Put em on the barbie or put them on the grill. The classic Australian Sausage can never go astray in my culinary menu of breakfast lunch and dinner. Im no dietitian  however a couple sausages without eating too many can never be a terrible idea. I believe everyone has a favorite meal. The meal that you can have a thousand times and still enjoy.

Ok, in honesty that favorite meal for me is Sashimi. lets face it raw fish probably isnt the most extravagant meal to ever be conjured into existence,  however I do know that the Japanese struck gold when they first sunk their teeth into a gigantic fish from the depths of the ocean without bothering to cook it first.

Unfortunately for those of us that don’t have a millionaire budget to be able to afford the rich ocean bounty of Sashimi or whatever your favorite meal may be. This being the situation for much of us lowly impoverished students (with the exception of those with excessively rich and generous parents). Sausages are a mighty alternative to the overpriced and under-cooked Shashimi.

At two kilos for $16 its not going to break the student budget to afford Sausages. Especially if you savour them by having just two a meal. Which brings me too another benefit of the sausage, bag em and freeze em and your $16 stretches a long way over many meals.

Ok so that’s just how I see it. Sausages are awesome. But quite obviously not everyone is a fan of either Sausages or Sashimi. Would be really interesting to see what other Students or anyone for that matter does for cheap delicious meals!



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