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We enjoy sharing the stories, opinions, and written work of others on our blog. We also enjoy providing prolific writers with a platform to publish their high quality work. Are you a prolific writer that’s trying to get your name out there? Perhaps you are just trying to get more samples of your written work published on the Internet to help you land new writing jobs? We encourage all prolific writers to become an author with our blog. Just submit post or article you have written today and we will get back to you soon to let you know whether or not you are a good fit for our writing team.

The Benefits of Becoming a Contributor

A lot of people wonder why they should become a contributor over being a guest blogger. In fact, there are some people that even confuse the two for being the same thing. However, it is important to realize that being a contributor and being a guest blogger are two very different things. When you become an author with our blog instead of a guest blogger you will begin to build a strong relationship with us. When you are an author or a contributor of a website it means you are accepted. It means the owner of the website trusts you and your writing abilities. In some cases, you may even be given publish rights to publish your content directly to the blog.

Authors also get a lot more credibility than a guest blogger. This is because as a guest blogger there is no guarantee that you will be credited for the article or blog post you have written. In some cases, the owner of the website pays you for the post in exchange for you giving them rights to the content as if they wrote it themselves. By becoming an author with our blog you will be given full credit of everything you write. This means that your name will appear as the original writer of the content; which in turn means that you would be able to link potential clients to the blog posts using them as published samples of writing.

The better question to ask yourself is why shouldn’t you be writing for us? What could you possibly have to lose by becoming an author with us? We encourage all prolific writers to submit some of their work today so they can become an author with us.

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