Austudy Payments

Austudy Payments

Austudy can be a big help to you if you’re an Australian 25 years of age or older and in a full-time education or apprenticeship program. Austudy could reduce the amount of income you have to earn to support yourself while you’re working on your study or apprenticeship.

The amount you can receive from the Austudy program varies depending on many different factors, such as the number of your dependents and whether you have a partner.


Austudy Payment History

To keep up with inflation, Austudy payment amounts go up over time. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, an Austudy payment recipient who is single with no kids in 2008 only received a maximum fortnightly payment of $355.40. The amount went up to $371.40 in 2009, $377.00 in 2010, $388.70 in 2011 and $402.70 in 2012.


Austudy Payment Rates

If you have no children to support, you would usually get the same amount in Austudy payments whether you are single or partnered. For 2012, this amount is $402.70 for every two weeks.

The Austudy payment rate per fortnight goes up if you have a partner and children. Currently, you would get a maximum of $442.10 every two weeks.

If you’re a single parent, you could get an even higher Austudy payment rate. The current rate for a single parent Austudy recipient is $527.50.

You could get special Austudy rates if you have been unemployed for at least 26 out of the past 39 weeks and you are starting at least a 12-month full-time study or apprenticeship. Whether you’re single or partnered, a parent or not, you would enjoy higher rates of Austudy payments.


Advance Austudy Payment

If you’re already an Austudy payment recipient and have been one for at least three months, you could get advance payments in case of emergency. The advance payment amount varies between $250 and $500.

You can get one advance payment per year. If you take out an advance payment, Centrelink will reduce your regular payment amounts until you pay off the advance payment.


Supplementary Austudy Payments

Due to a budget increase, Austudy recipients will also get Supplementary Allowance from 20 March 2013. The payments are made out twice a year and will not be taxed by the government.

If you’re already receiving Austudy payments, you will start getting Supplementary Austudy automatically on your first payday after 20 March 2013. You will not have to apply for these additional payments.

If you’re single, you will get $210 per year in Supplementary Allowance. If you’re partnered, you will get $175 per year.

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  • Joe


    Thanks for the information. I know I am posting on an article a few years old but I have a question.. I have been receiving Austudy for approximately 2 weeks and I have just received a letter stating my Austudy payment will stop halfway through this year due to the “amount of study you have already undertaken at the same level as your current course”.

    I have just started my second undergraduate degree, and I am 26 so applied for Austudy. I did not receive any payments from Centrelink whilst completing my first degree.

    Do I have any other options on getting payments from Centrelink? I would much rather work less and study more.