Applying for Scholarship – Guidelines

Applying for Scholarship – Guidelines

Scholarships are extremely effective in raising students’ morale for showing excellent academic performances. Scholarships really increase their self-esteem to perform even better than before. Some scholarships are for factors other than academic records, such as socio-economic factors and physical disabilities. These are indeed a great financial support that a student can have. There are a number of scholarships in Australia that are listed below:

  • Federal Government Scholarships
  • Scholarships by education providers and/or private organizations
  • Student start-up scholarship
  • Relocation scholarships

Below are the details pertaining to each type of scholarship as well as the respective eligibility criteria:

Federal Government Scholarships

It forms the biggest source of funds in the area of academics in Australia. Students from remote areas, weak socio-economic backgrounds, and indigenous groups qualify for this scholarship. The guidelines, as provided by the government, help in qualifying and selecting students who are to be awarded a federal government scholarship. However, the students themselves can also put up an application in the university they are planning to get admission into.

Scholarships by Education Providers and/or Private Organizations

These scholarships are awarded on the basis of certain factors including academic achievement, disability, financial shortcoming, etc. These types of scholarships are purely dealt by the provider, i.e. the educational institute itself. The institute’s management scrolls down students’ information in search of the most needy (in case of financial issues or physical disabilities), and the most commendable (in case of a merit scholarship).

Student Start-Up Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to full-time students studying for an approved scholarship course. As a condition to qualify, such students must also be getting income support through government allowances like youth allowance, AUSTUDY, or ABSTUDY.

Relocation Scholarships

These scholarships award a yearly payment to help those students living away from home for the purpose of higher education. Students getting relocation scholarships also receive other government allowances. They must be full-time students of an approved scholarship course. Those who qualify for a relocation scholarship are paid directly by Centrelink; therefore no application is required on part of the students.

All the above mentioned scholarship awards are designed in a way that students from different academic, social, economic, and financial backgrounds may get the opportunity to qualify for financial assistance. The amount of money varies among scholarships, but the objective is essentially the same: making education accessible to all!

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