A Review of UK Universities

attribute to wsuph001A Review of UK Universities

The application process for getting admitted in any international university is long and strenuous, especially if you are opting for UK universities. Your application must really shine because competition is tough, and the acceptance ratio is below 8% for all good universities. Your scores on standardized tests must be extremely high and your documents must be beyond excellent so that you are portrayed as a very worthy candidate.

But, before you begin to fill out those extensive and dull forms, you must gather all relevant information about the universities to which you are applying. A brief review of the top tier ones is given below.

University of Cambridge

The Cambridge University in United Kingdom is ranked first on many credible top universities list. It has a history of over 800 years, making it the second oldest university in United Kingdom. Cambridge is characterized by an excellent academic reputation. The tuition fee is £9,000.

Oxford University

Oxford University is the oldest university in United Kingdom with a past stretching back to 900 years. A long time has passed, but the buildings still stand the same, and the traditions followed are also the same since 1096. Oxford comprises of 31 great colleges and offers programs in numerous disciplines. The largest library system in UK has been established here. The tuition fee varies with household income and year of study. It can be anything between £3,500 and £9,000.

Imperial College, London

Imperial College is noted around the globe for its Medicine, Science and Engineering programs. It comprises of eight campuses in London with the main campus situated at South Kensington. The tuition fee is £9,000.

UCL (University College London)

UCL was the first university in United Kingdom to take in students of any religion, class, or creed.  It emphasizes on innovative teaching and extensive research, which give it such a high reputation. UCL offers programs in numerous disciplines at £9,000 yearly.

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