A Pommies Guide To Studying in Australia

The chance to study in Australia is a thrilling one. As well as the opportunities for learning in exciting study environments, Australia offers great weather, a fascinating local culture and some of the best sightseeing in the world.

There are thousands of courses to choose from for those who want to study in Australia, so whether you’re looking to do a degree at an Australian university or a vocational course instead, the options are plentiful. The style of teaching is all about learning how to communicate effectively, to work as part of a team unit and to develop the kinds of mental and practical skills that are required to make a success of a career, whatever that career might be. The system in Australia is built on the core values of encouraging innovation, creativity and autonomous thinking, which tend to bring out the best in most people who opt to study here. If you’re considering studying in Australia as a serious option then here are a few practical tips on how to make the leap.

1. The practicalities of living in Australia

Think about the practicalities of living in Australia or just moving to another country some distance from your own. You’ll need a local bank account, for example, somewhere to live, and if you don’t want to pay enormous roaming charges then you’ll also need a mobile phone on a local Australian network. For tips on what to think about before you go take a look at www.studyinaustralia.gov.au.

2. Budget for your study stay

Australia is a great country with a wonderful infrastructure but it can be expensive, especially if you want to travel around. The average international student spends around $500 a week (depending on location) on basics like somewhere to live, food and entertainment. You will also need to make sure that you have Overseas Student Health Cover insurance before you leave for Australia and maintain it for the whole of your trip.

3. Choose your location carefully.

Australia has many fantastic cities, each with their own unique identity and exciting activities to offer. Sydney is abuzz with fantastic entertainment, as well as beautiful beaches like Bondi; Melbourne has a world renowned coffee culture and thriving arts scene; Canberra is a foodie paradise; Brisbane is lively and full of street art; and Perth has a thriving nightlife and is a great place to learn about Australia’s aboriginal history.

4. Everyone gets homesick.

So, when it happens to you, don’t sweat it. When you move out to Australia take with you something that reminds you of home and makes you feel connected and have regular phone conversations with the folks back home. There are some great discounts available on having parcels sent from home to Australia with services like My Parcel Delivery so whether you’re getting care packages sent over or something essential that you’ve forgotten to bring, there’s an easy, cheap way to get it to you.

5. Make the most of it!

There’s just no point moving to the other side of the world only to explore very little of this new and exciting country whilst you’re there. Even if you are homesick or find it intimidating to meet new people, the more you go out and see what’s around you, get involved in activities and socialize, the more you will get from the experience and the less homesick you will feel.


Studying in Australia is a once in a lifetime opportunity and an experience that you can use to not only gain qualifications but also to develop as a person. Take a positive attitude and plenty of sunscreen and you might just find it’s a life-changing trip!

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