A Guide to Car Insurance Finance for New Drivers

Learning to drive is a scary, yet thrilling experience and no doubt you are itching
to pass your test and be on your way. But many learner drivers are unaware of the
costs of buying, maintaining, insuring and running a car and it soon mounts up.
Follow a few simple steps and you can ease the burden of running your first car
without losing the enjoyment of your first taste of freedom.

Cover Types

First of all, there are many different kinds of insurance and you want to choose one
that suits you. Fully comprehensive insurance, will cover you and your car from fire, theft and
damage to your vehicle as well as damage to other people’s property. Third party
insurance will cover any damage caused to other drivers, as well as fire and theft,
but will not cover you if your car is damaged by someone else’s vehicle. Because of
this it is usually cheaper but the downside is it offers less protection.

Choosing Your Car

A smaller, less powerful car will mean cheaper insurance so, although it is easy to
pick a car based on how it looks, this isn’t always the best option. If you really want
to do it right, shop around for a while before making your decision and then make
sure you take someone with you to view the vehicle in person. It is best to have
someone with you who knows their way around a car and can spot any problems
before you hand over any money. Go with smaller, economical cars for your first car
and you can save quite a bit of money on fuel and repairs.

Shop Around for Insurance

Once you have decided on your car and the type of insurance you want, make sure
you spend a good few hours looking at quotes before you buy. Every insurance
broker handles learner drivers differently and some will charge more than others.
Once you have a few quotes, there is nothing wrong in ringing the insurance
companies back and telling them what you have been quoted by competitors – it
may inspire them to match your quote.

Know Your Limits

Most learner drivers will have had lectures, inspiring talks and multiple brochures
given to them by well-meaning family and friends and it may become a bit tiring.
However, these good intentions are there for a reason – young people are in the
highest bracket for vehicular incidents and knowing how to drive safe is a big part of
learning how to drive. Learn everything you can about sensible driving and this will
not only keep you and other road users safe, but also help to keep your insurance
costs low.

Lara Anderson, an experienced freelance writer, wrote this article. Lara
specialises in providing useful and engaging finance articles for students.

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