5 ways to reduce the Electricity Bill

5 ways to rFlickr attribute J.J. Verhoefeduce the Electricity Bill

Electricity bills are going up nowadays. However, this is something within your control. There are a lot of ways that you can keep the costs at affordable levels. Here are a few tips on how you can achieve this.

1)      Use an energy saving light bulb- when you have to study all night, you usually keep the lights on the whole time. Use energy saving light bulbs that has a lower consumption of electricity than the regular ones. This will be very useful in the long run.

2)      Do not keep the radio on when you study- do you need to have loud music in the background when you study? That will only distract you. Turn off the radio and concentrate on your studies. You will be better off this way.

3)      Schedule you laundry once a week only- use your washing machine once a week only. You are busy during the weekdays anyway. You could schedule your laundry days during Saturdays so you can study during the weekdays and wash your clothes at the end of the week.

4)      Do not overuse the microwave oven-follow heating instructions and do not exceed the time limit to cook food items. For example microwave popcorn. You have to watch this as it cooks so it doesn’t get over popped.  Do not heat water also longer than you have to. One minute is enough to heat a cup of coffee.

5)      You can turn of your electric stove and it will still be hot-when cooking vegetables, you do not need too much heat. You can turn off the heat and the burner will still be hot to cook the vegetables until it is done. This way, you save on electricity and your vegetables will not be overcooked.

Saving electricity little by little adds up each day. Not using the hairdryer on some days or not using the heater will lessen electric consumption. You have to keep a record of your electric bills and see how much you are paying each month. With practice, your electric consumption will be manageable and within your budget. You would want that right?

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