5 Signs You Need to Become a Freelance Entrepreneur

Tired of the office? Tired of working for someone else? Do you have a great
idea you think you could transform into a business? Perhaps you are feeling the
calling of becoming an entrepreneur. There are a lot of advantages to becoming
an entrepreneur, but it isn’t always for everybody, as it entails an awful lot of
responsibility as well. To better gage your own abilities and determine if you have
what it takes to become an entrepreneur and take a walk down your own road to
success, see if any of these five signs apply to you.

1. Do You Feel Unfulfilled at Work?

Many people go about their daily lives on a day-to-day basis, not thinking too far
ahead into the future except to plan events such as trips or birthdays, or save
money for things such as college for their children or purchasing a new car or home.
They work at their job and bring home a weekly paycheck, and life goes on. But
other people, maybe you, feel terribly unfulfilled in this lifestyle. Maybe you want
something more than just a paycheck to show for your work. Maybe you feel you
have something more to offer to the world, but might never get the chance to do so
if you stay working at jobs like the one you’re currently in. If so, you may be more
suited to being an entrepreneur.

2. Do You Often Think About an Idea (or several ideas) For a Product or Business?

If you think you have a good idea for a business, or at the very least a good product
idea, then you might already be on your way to becoming an entrepreneur. Many
people want to start their own business but simply have no idea what to do or how
to go about it. If you have an idea in mind, the hard part is already over. The next
step is taking your idea and developing it into a business.

3. Does the Idea of Being Your Own Boss Sound Appealing?

Some people are quite comfortable working for others, and may be happy at their
jobs, or at the very least content with their responsibilities and pay. But others
want to be the ones in charge, the ones making the decision, the ones who want
more control over their own lives, both at home and in the office. If this is you, then
you likely have the desire to become an entrepreneur. Being you own boss means
you might one day enjoy the power of success and comfortable wealth—but be
warned, you might also have to cope with failure as well. Not every startup is a
successful one, and the desire to be your own boss doesn’t always mean you have
the capabilities to do so.

4. Do You Have a Talent or Passion You want to Share With Others?

Perhaps you love to cook, or have great skills as a mechanic, or have an eye for
new art or fashion. Maybe you want to do something more with your years of
experience in retail, or maybe you are particularly knowledgeable about web design.
Talents, skills and passions are all feed for a great business. A great cook can open
a restaurant or catering business. A music lover can seek to run a DJ company or
recording studio. A graphic designer can start his or her own web design business. If
you have the passion, drive and desire to do more with what you have and love, then
you might be on your way to becoming an entrepreneur.

5. Do You Feel As Though You’re Getting Nowhere Financially?

Many entrepreneurs are born out of necessity. Sometimes they are drowning in
debt, other times they are dissatisfied with their paycheck and see no hope for a
raise, and others are laid off and are having trouble finding new work in a stressed
economy and job market. It is from these hard times that many great businesses
are born and new entrepreneurs rise. Desperation can be a great incubator for
entrepreneurship. If you are having financial troubles, you might want to think
about how starting your own business venture can improve your situation. But
always keep in mind, becoming an entrepreneur can bring great rewards, but also
comes with great challenges. Are you up to the task?

About the Author:
Gwen Stewart is a business development professional and writer for
Outbounding.com on behalf of www.ShareFile.com. Her line of work requires she
have a reliable way to transfer a file as well as a solid strategy for meeting tight
deadlines. Any spare time she can scrape together finds her hiking, reading and
enjoying the company of great friends.

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