3 Things to Consider before Moving away from Mum and Dads

Split the bills and save


Money does make the world go around and also pays for the rent, utilities and groceries. Before considering moving out, add up your living away from home expenses to see whether moving away is actually a financially viable option. Make up a realistic budget and include the bond payable when you move in. If you have a lot of electronic gadgets, it might be worth taking out contents insurance. It is no use moving away if you are going to get into debt.

Share accommodation

Everybody has many great friends that they love going out with and chatting to, but would never want to live with them. If this is the case, make sure you evaluate your friendships before asking someone to share accommodation with you. Flatmates can be notorious for not paying their share of rent or utilities, not sharing housework equally and lifestyle differences can lead to arguments and hostility amongst one time friends. Before undertaking any lease arrangement with friends, make sure of the rules, such as smoking, shared chores, etc. This works both ways and you will have to listen to what they have to say as well.

Prepare your parents

Your parents will probably worry about you moving out and your mum may even cry. You have to understand that you have been living with them for more than a decade and they may feel lost when you move out. It is natural for parents to worry about your money situation, your choice of flatmates and whether you have enough to eat, but staying in contact by text, email or phone will put their minds at ease. Soon enough you will all have developed a whole new routine.

Many young people have an overwhelming desire at some stage to move out of the family home. This thought usually comes at an age when you just want to hang with your friends, stay up late, have sleepovers and generally party unsupervised. However strong the desire may be, often in a few months you may be over it. Once the cost involved in moving out is realised, staying at home and keeping the extra cash in your pocket may seem like a good option.

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