7 Tips to Succeed in Group interviews

Ever been nervous at a group interview? Its only natural considering your in a room with other people and can feel like your competing with them for a job. Remember to keep calm and use some of the following techniques to help you get the edge you need to get the job.

1. Smile

Probably one of the most concerning traits managers try to avoid in hiring staff is people who are argumentative and create bad vibes in the workplace. Smiling shows them that you are a happy person and have a positive outlook on life, to a manager this lets them know that your not the sort of employee that they will need to devote too much of their time, because they can trust you to get the job done.

2. Ask Questions

Doesn’t matter if it’s a group interview or a one on one. its good to ask questions as it helps you determine if it’s the right job for you. It also lets the interviewer know that you’re interested. Don’t be afraid if the interviewer doesn’t like you asking questions then its probably not a good place to work and its better find that out  in the interview rather then when you start work.

3. Answer Questions

In group interviews show that your outspoken, confident  and can make a difference in their business. Answering questions confidently and accurately is a great way to achieve this.  Even if you don’t get the correct answer its still good to give it a try anyway. Most people respect you for putting your hand up and giving it a try provided your answer is fairly close and doesn’t make you look egotistical or arrogant.

4. Show your interested

Its simple, if you don’t look interested in a job how long will you last? Will your interviewer be convinced you will give the job your best effort? Employers spend a great deal of time and money hiring people to work for them. Given all these resources are spent they like to know that that person is not going to get bored of the job and leave a week after starting. Verbally saying your interested or using excited body language will show an employer that you think this job is for you.

5. Dress Professional

Turning up to an interview with a cheap dirty shirt hanging out and unpolished shoes will not give a good impression. Turning up-to an interview with a clean new shirt cufflinks and polished shoes will show employers that your serious. How someone dresses is a reflection of their personality and employers want professionals who can make a difference to their business.

6. Make an Impression

Most interviews go for an hour or maybe a couple. This is a really limited time-frame to show them that you are the right person. You really need to make an impression in this limited time so that they will remember you.

7. Never attempt to sabotage other applicants

Many group interviews have activities in designed to get a better understanding how well potential employees are at work with others. In these activities the worst thing you can do is to sabotage other people, this will be noticed and consequently you your chances of getting employed with them will be slim or none. Most employers hold group interviews to see how you interact with other people, probably the wost thing you could do to ruin your chances is to demonstrate haw much of an asshole you are by ruining other peoples chances.

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