The Best 3 Prepaid Mobile Plans in Australia

Mobile PhonesLet’s face it, if you were to try and measure the noise in the mobile market in Australia it would probably shatter your sound level meter. There is a constant stream of television, online and radio ads from service providers peddling the newest and best offerings they have. You can’t even sit at a bus stop or train station without a gigantic poster from a telephone company smacking you in the face.

The good news is this only means you are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the best prepaid mobile plan for you. The bad news is you can only choose one. No worries though, we’ll help you navigate the minefield that is the Australian prepaid mobile industry. We’ve chosen the following three companies based on three factors: coverage, value for money, and length of credit life.

As a result, we are able to offer you our list of the best prepaid mobile plans in Australia for around $40.00 .

Amaysim – Best Value Mobile CarrierAmaysim

Hands down, Amaysim represents the best value for money. For $39.90 a month you get unlimited calls and a whopping 4GB of data. None of the other prepaid mobile plans are even in the same zip code when it comes to their offerings at this price point. Amaysim’s closest competitor offers a measly 600MB of data and $550 credit for $40 a month. If you’re watching your budget Amaysim offers the best prepaid mobile plan.

A recent survey of prepaid mobile plans in Australia conducted by customer satisfaction research and ratings company Canstar Blue saw Amaysim outperforming its competitors in value for money, billing, service accessibility and overall satisfaction. However, it did lose out in one category; coverage. In that area, Amaysim had to bow the knee to our next company, Telstra.

Telstra – Best Mobile Carrier for reception and coverageTelstra

When it comes to coverage offered by prepaid mobile plans, Telstra does it better than most companies. Its coverage map is so impressive you could travel from Hobart to Cairns without dropping a signal. Telstra also offers one of the faster 4G services in Australia. But if you’re trying to keep a few gold coins in your pocket, you may have to look elsewhere.

While companies like Amaysim offer unlimited calling and 4GB of data for around $40 a month, Telstra will only give you a $250 credit and 400MB for that same price. You would have to spend $100 a month with Telstra to get at least two-thirds of the amount of data offered by Amaysim.

But if you’re not a chatterbox or an internet addict you will have to recharge your credit with Telstra and Amaysim after 30 days anyway. If you want an option that extends your loading period beyond the standard 28-30 days, you may want to check out Vodafone.

Vodafone – Best Prepaid mobile for credit expiryVodaphone

Blowing away the competition in the category of recharge days, Vodafone gives customers a staggering 365 days to use up their credit. For $20 – $150 you will be able to hang on to those credits for as long as you need. But going with this Vodafone plan will also mean forgoing the internet because, unlike Amaysim and Telstra, data is not offered.

Also, where as with Telstra and Amaysim you get more credit than the face value of the recharge, with Vodafone what you see is what you get. In other words, a $30 recharge equals $30 of credit, whereas with Amaysim, for example, you can get unlimited calls for $39.90.

Vodafone customers also complain about suffering from unfortunate dropped calls and other coverage issues. But, for persons who may not want to rush use all of their credit and are irritated by the fact that plans that offer rollovers are as hard to find as a four-leaf clover, this may be a welcomed option.


Well, there you have it, each of these prepaid mobile plans has their pros and cons. If you’re more interested in value for money then, Amaysim is your company. For the best coverage, Telstra has your back. However, if you want the flexibility of storing your credit for when you need it Vodafone will make your day. In the end, the best thing to do is to assess your needs and determine which plan will best meet them.

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